Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Alpha to Omega...

Alpha beat a gamma
with a delta
in epsilom
while zeta eta theta
in iota and
kappa and lambda
joined the MU +
Newcastle XI
for omicron pie
as they row
sigma in tow
up silom
with phi chi
and psi
to omega...


D.O.A. Special K said the Doc.
in his bedside/telephone way.
Some said that he fell.
Others that he was pushed + punched.
I thought that he could float.
There again, I knew the man that sold
him the stuff that made him high.
All twenty two floors of it.
Two hundred foot, freefall, 'til the pavement
came up and met him.
Leaving the Coroner to write the final
epigram for the 'Local Rag'.


At April 26, 2009 5:41 AM, Blogger LadyGarfield said...

I wish they had remained just greek alphabets, but they figure all over mathematics and physics, you know. It's such a relief that the struggle with these signs as a student of engineering, is finally over for me. whewwww! just reading them out loud is so complicated, don't you agree


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