Saturday, December 02, 2006

Adam + Eve...

The circle of the earth
had four corners once
and an inferior intelligence
created its inhabitants.
But the Poet god, came down
and banished the pretender
from his presence.
The Poet god annihilated
the hidious dis-order and
established a new creation.
But the pre-creator was
a snake in the grass and
he outstayed his welcome.
The hothouse in the centre
of the sphere began to sprout.
The Poet god called this place
the garden of Eden.
Next, he made a main man
to represent himself.
And the banished serpent slid off
to beyond the four corners
of the earth.
The Poet god brought the animals
and the plants and the trees
in the garden for the main man
to name. Then he made a woman
for the man. The main man was
Adam and the woman was Eve.
And Eve, was to be Adam's wife.
And they were to live together,
naked, forever, in the garden.
Then one day long after
the Poet god had gone, the
snake in the grass re-appeared.
Who are you? asked Adam
who knew everything.
Where did you come from?
Enquired Eve, who now knew
something Adam didn't know.
'From the four corners of the earth.'
The serpent lied. Planting the seed
of need in the garden.
But the Poet god didn't make you!
Said Adam, adamantly.
'The Poet god didn't tell you everything!'
Replied the resplendant pretender.
We want to know, we need to know!
Said Eve, speaking for both of them.
And the snake climbed the Poet tree
and threw down some fruit.
It is forbidden! cried the naked couple,
The Poet god said! - 'But forgot to mention',
interjected the serpent. 'That when you
taste the fruit of knowledge from
The Poet tree, you will be like he.'
And the pretender slithered off, back to
beyond the four corners of the earth.
If we eat the fruit of The Poet tree
we'll be like the Poet god!
Said naive Eve.
And Adam in his wisdom agreed.
A greed which turned the anagram
of Eden into need!
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