Thursday, November 23, 2006

'Uncle Joe's' Mint Balls are made in Wigan...

Whatever happened to
the corner shop?
It's doing fine round here
"Thank you very much."
"Join our christmas club."
Natasha wanted a
cup of tea at six am
I only drink coffee -
freeze dried of course.
I went to the corner shop
bought a paper, one cigarette,
a razor blade and an Oxo cube
to take to work and oh yes,
one tea bag for Natasha.
"Do you want it on the slate love?"
"You can have an egg to boil
for her breakfast if you like
and half a cup of sugar
from that broken bag,
or a single Weetabix?"
I said No, but give us one
of those 'Uncle Joe's' -
she likes something to suck!
Previously published in Cowardy Custard's Last Stand in Salford 1992.


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