Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Telly Guru's...

Empathy? Not me,
it's pathetic how much
time they waste -
placating ego's
all over the place.
They always know
better than you -
they always will -
'til you stand up
and tell them to -
Stop talking shit!
It's a really bad attitude
that they've got -
they get it from
Telly Guru's like
Trinny and
What's 'er face? -
It's the way
they condescendingly
say things like -
Have a word with him! -
and -
Dress down -
not up. -
Full colour -
but -
Not clown! -
High Street -
Not -
small town.
And all the time
they force that
perfected frown -
that means so much
to their self esteem.
They can't help being cruel.
They think they're being
kind to you, by pointing
out all your facial lines...
Those Telly Guru's,
And the way they whine!


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