Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My pub-poetry Archive...

Welcome to my pub-poetry archive..
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I went to the
new bus shelter
on Churchill Way
and looked down at
Salford Ski Slope.
Like everything else
it looked neglected.
Grass had started
to grow through
the white squares.
No plastic bread crate
toboggan, no mangled
bike frame without wheels,
no toughened glass
panels lying about.
In fact it looked too neat -
the grass banking had
recently been mown.
I looked away in
search of a 52 bus...
Then it caught my eye
a single plywood panel -
resting at the bottom
of the slope!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Song #8...

I got meself a Tennis Bat
it only had one string
I thought it was a Banjo
but it wouldn't swing.
So I took it down to
the Viola man - and
this is what he say,
He said: I see you've got
yerself a 'one string thing'
it must've cost a packet
and it makes a racket!
But, If yer wanna
make that rot-box swing!
Yer gonna have to get
yerself another string.
So I toddled on down to
The Ukelele Shop and
got meself a bass string
put on top!
Now, you want to hear
my, Two-String-Thing!
Swing, two string swing,
swing, two string swing!
You want to hear my
Two-String-Guitar swing!
Swing, two string swing,
swing, two string swing!
You want to hear my

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