Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day (1995)...

It's Christmas day in Moss Side
and we're eating turkey + cranberry sauce...
Across the street the dealers
and the punters are out in force...
Outside the corner shop as usual,
it's business of course...
A car pulls up
the man goes to the car
What yer want?
Give us yer money!
There yuh go!
Fuck Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Salford Broadwalk...

Welcome to the city of dim dreams
they butcher, torture, slaughter culture.
These are the people east of Eden
that rob your houses and steal your cars.
They try to jeapodize your life
they want to Sodomise your wife.
Welcome to the melting pot of Tyre
welcome to the baptism of fear.
When you walk the precinct of Sodom
you'll get more than gonorrhea.
Written on the broken flags, in blood:
this is the society of crime!
The promised land of drugs for thugs!
anytime! midnight, noon or nine..
In the Promised Land
it's drugs for thugs, anytime
midnight noon or nine
midnight noon or nine
it's drugs for thugs, anytime
in the Promised Land

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Telly Guru's...

Empathy? Not me,
it's pathetic how much
time they waste -
placating ego's
all over the place.
They always know
better than you -
they always will -
'til you stand up
and tell them to -
Stop talking shit!
It's a really bad attitude
that they've got -
they get it from
Telly Guru's like
Trinny and
What's 'er face? -
It's the way
they condescendingly
say things like -
Have a word with him! -
and -
Dress down -
not up. -
Full colour -
but -
Not clown! -
High Street -
Not -
small town.
And all the time
they force that
perfected frown -
that means so much
to their self esteem.
They can't help being cruel.
They think they're being
kind to you, by pointing
out all your facial lines...
Those Telly Guru's,
And the way they whine!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Sports Cars...

I know where all
the good sports
live in Salford.
Bobby's got an
Simon drives a
Porsche Carrera
that's simple
to remember.
Jackie's got
an XJS
and Bobby's
brother has an
E-type under wraps.
I haven't seen a
Frog eyed Sprite
but there's a TR6
going to waste
in Weaste.
And in Seedley
Pete the stud
drives his Stag
on nights out
with the boys.
Like I said
I know where all
the good sports
live in Salford.
SC 1992

Monday, December 11, 2006

The Crimbo Giro Queue...

The workers slow down in
their company bankrolled cars
and sneak a peak at us.
We're dressed in leathers and
designer gear that they can't afford.
They, look at the 'Queue Here'
notice and smile.
and it's Crimbo Giro day!
Two policemen monitor the line
but some bright spark, has changed
the letters round on the sign.
After 'Queue Here' it reads:
211295MSC Danny Wise.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Langworthy...

Like the police spokesman said:
There's no such thing as organised
crime in Salford.
And a pub landlord robbed his own
safe and tied himself up.
He owed the good old boys
fifteen hundred pounds.
So, who collects the protection money
from the corner shops?
Who collects the protection money
from the pubs and clubs?
So, why are taxi's so expensive?
Why are buses ninety percent empty?
Like the police spokesman said:
There's no such thing as organised
crime in Salford.
Previously published in Cowardy Custards Last Stand in Salford (c) 1993.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Paris Une...

I wander alone in this great place
no-one bothers me, hardly,
apart from a few girls,
calling out of upstairs windows after dark.
'Hey English!' and 'Sprecken sie Deutch?'
But I'm tongue tied, except for
Vingt Gitanes
, Sil vous plait!
and Merci becoup, Madamossell!
After a while I start to read the shop front names.
The street signs come alive -
Rue de St. Germain, Montparnasse
and Parc de Champs de Mars.
Advertising bollards suck me in.
Newspaper HEADLINES shout at me.
Eventually, I speak my first French sentence.
But the girl behind the Turkish bar
answers me in broken English.
Chicago, hey Mac? she asks.
Manchester! I tell her.
Oh, Bobby Charlton! she grins.
And I can't tell if she's taking the piss
out of my haircut, or what?
From 1987 rewritten 20697

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Song #3...

You’re in gang territory here
You’re in gang territory now!
From Aigburth to Huyton
Lime Street to New Brighton.
You’re in gang territory here
You're in gang territory now!
Yazoo + Gibbo and all of the gang
spray paint graffiti in Liverpool slang.

Liverton – Everpool - Liverton
Everpool - Liverton - Everpool!
Liverton - Everpool - Liverton
Ever-pool - Liver-ton !
You're in gang territory here
You're in gang territory now!
This train is surrounded!
Cockneys die!

United + City died here!
If you can't speak Scouse
don't open your mouth.
You're in gang territory here

You're in gang territory now!
All the above words were found
amongst the graffiti on Merseyside
railway stations in 1984. I simply put
them into some kind of order.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Adam + Eve...

The circle of the earth
had four corners once
and an inferior intelligence
created its inhabitants.
But the Poet god, came down
and banished the pretender
from his presence.
The Poet god annihilated
the hidious dis-order and
established a new creation.
But the pre-creator was
a snake in the grass and
he outstayed his welcome.
The hothouse in the centre
of the sphere began to sprout.
The Poet god called this place
the garden of Eden.
Next, he made a main man
to represent himself.
And the banished serpent slid off
to beyond the four corners
of the earth.
The Poet god brought the animals
and the plants and the trees
in the garden for the main man
to name. Then he made a woman
for the man. The main man was
Adam and the woman was Eve.
And Eve, was to be Adam's wife.
And they were to live together,
naked, forever, in the garden.
Then one day long after
the Poet god had gone, the
snake in the grass re-appeared.
Who are you? asked Adam
who knew everything.
Where did you come from?
Enquired Eve, who now knew
something Adam didn't know.
'From the four corners of the earth.'
The serpent lied. Planting the seed
of need in the garden.
But the Poet god didn't make you!
Said Adam, adamantly.
'The Poet god didn't tell you everything!'
Replied the resplendant pretender.
We want to know, we need to know!
Said Eve, speaking for both of them.
And the snake climbed the Poet tree
and threw down some fruit.
It is forbidden! cried the naked couple,
The Poet god said! - 'But forgot to mention',
interjected the serpent. 'That when you
taste the fruit of knowledge from
The Poet tree, you will be like he.'
And the pretender slithered off, back to
beyond the four corners of the earth.
If we eat the fruit of The Poet tree
we'll be like the Poet god!
Said naive Eve.
And Adam in his wisdom agreed.
A greed which turned the anagram
of Eden into need!
Posted on SweetTalkingGuy... clink-the-link

Friday, December 01, 2006

Song #2...

Life is not easy
No not easy at all
Life is not easy
No not easy no more.

It's better to have
kissed your sister
than never to have
loved at all.

It's better to have
scored and lost
than never to have
played football.


Life is not easy
No not easy at all
Life is not easy
No not easy no more.

That's what they
tell me babe
they say:

Life is not easy
No not easy today.

So, don't pretend
that you're winning
at the beginning,
at half-time
or at the end!


Life is not easy
No not easy my friend.

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